Ode to my beloved dog

( Dedicated to my first chihuahua )



Someone on Valentine’s Day receives postcards, sweets, soft toys, perfumes, gold jewelry and other things pleasant to the heart. And I received the most wonderful gift that you can only imagine – a little chihuahua. I must make a reservation right away – it was not unexpected, but it was no less pleasant.

By the way, I am extremely negative about surprises in the form of living creatures (whether it be a dog, cat, parrot, hamster, etc.) without the consent of the future owner of the animal.

Therefore, when it comes, for example, about buying a pug puppy for a birthday present, I always stipulate these points: the consent of all households, the absence of allergies to animal hair, the availability of free time to communicate and raise a dog, living conditions, the desire to have this breed, considering all the subtleties and nuances.

Suddenly it turns out that this breed is just not for you (you simply “will not agree with the characters”), which will subsequently turn into your irritation and dissatisfaction for many years and a tragedy for a loving pet. After all, a dog is not a toy, when you will be tired of it you can`t put it into a corner, when you did not like it – you can`t give it away. This is a living creature that trusts you with its life, and you are responsible for it.

Well, I digress from the topic. So: Why a chihuahua? Or how was it?
In a friendly nursery (we will not name it), several chihuashas have recently settled. And the breeder with such rapture and love told us all kinds of funny stories about them that I involuntarily imbued with sympathy and respect for this breed. “Perhaps someday I will also have such a small miracle for myself,” I thought, and moved this thought to the back of my mind. But it became interesting to learn more about a completely new breed for me. Therefore, the next step was to study all kinds of literature about the Chihuahua: origin, standard, internal types and much more, associated with the smallest dog on the planet. Fortunately, now in the Internet you can find everything (answers to all your questions).

Periodically and without much enthusiasm, I looked at the nursery announcements for the sale of Chihuahua puppies, noted to myself the kids I especially liked, but I was in no hurry to buy … Until I saw her.


Shani Shan Pearl.

Marvelous little princess! She was the only girl in the litter among the boys. So I saw her and just fell in love.
Strong, beautiful, independent, courageous, judicious. Such a wonderful child! Do you know how to feel it, Your dog? Indescribable feelings. You look at the photo, and the already invisible thread binds you together. Fireworks of thoughts, a flurry of emotions, auras coincided, that’s all.

There was no doubt left, we must take it.

Finally, the organizational issues related to buying a puppy in another country have been settled, thousands of kilometers behind – and a little mischievous miracle was in my hands!

When she came to us, with great caution, I began to introduce her to our pugs, because any sudden movement of the “heavy” pug could turn into a serious injury for the baby. But my fears were in vain. Our pug girls perceived her as another pug puppy, just some kind of “wrong” one: her ears were sticking up, her muzzle was not flattened, and her tail was not twisted into a pretty bagel. How can you not to feel sorry to it! But despite the affectionate attitude towards the chihuahua little one, my pug ladies don`t like familiarities addressed to them. Therefore, the “Pearl” decided to remain neutral with them and especially not to bother with its hectic games. But not to the males pugs – she just got on their heads in the literal and figurative sense of the word …
Time flies imperceptibly.

And so our little princess became the real queen. Proud, independent and at the same time so touching tender, affectionate and immensely loving. And now she is lying next to me on the couch, looking with an all-understanding look, as if saying: “Yes, I am!”

But how could it be otherwise, because she is a descendant of outstanding dogs, the result of painstaking and carefully thought-out breeding work of famous foreign kennels. Her pedigree contains the best blood of Russia, Finland, France, Sweden, Italy and other countries.

In addition to the “royal” origin, excellent external data, our “little queen” has a truly remarkable character. She is pleasant in every way. I can’t recall a single negative point related to her.
And every time I look into her eyes I want to say:

“My favorite Pearl!” My precious! My treasure! “, (As Gollum would say from the famous trilogy of John R.R. Tolkien” The Lord of the Rings “). I am grateful to fate for your appearance in our house, for the joy that you give with your presence!”

But I think she already knows that.