About the breed

This article was written not for professionals. You all know this for a long time, and maybe even in a larger volume. It is for those who are yet not familiar with this breed or for those who are just planning to introduce this sunny elf from a dog tribe to their family.

Why a pug?

There are many reasons why people are going to get a dog: a childhood dream, fashion trends, a feeling of loneliness, a child’s request, a momentary desire, etc.
And very often very few people think about the characteristics of the breed.

And if attention is paid to sizes (large or small) and the presence of a coat (smooth or shaggy), few people think about the nature of the future pet. Often a person is guided only by external signs: “like” – “dislike”.

As a rule, the result is on the face: A huge handsome St. Bernard does not want to be a ferocious watchman, and a small glamorous York, although a decorative dog, still remains a terrier with a curious disposition of a hunter and a gambling character in his heart.

Therefore, if you need a roomy, small and firmly knocked down dog, affectionate, funny, with dignity, so intellectual that it does not require special training, then you will not be mistaken if you`ll choose PUG.


So, a pug – a decorative breed of dog originally from China.

In the course of history, a pug was called differently, and no one knows for sure where its name came from.

In the second half of the 16th century, the word “pag” (“pug” – the nickname of a monkey) became generally accepted in England. There is an opinion that the pug was dubbed so for its characteristic appearance – flattened like a monkey’s face. There is a hypothesis that “pug” is a transformed form of the word “puck” – an elf (prankster spirit), taken from Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and other ancient works.

Undoubtedly, the pug is characterized by the character of an elf.

There are several versions of the origin of the pug. According to one of them, a pug is a dwarf form of mastiffs. By the way, in Holland, where these little funny dogs got on the ships of the East India Company, the pug was called the Chinese mastiff.

According to the second version, pugs are a short-haired variety of Pekingese and Khin.

At home, the ancestors of the pug were widespread both in Buddhist monasteries and in the palace of the emperor.

During the Shang Dynasty (1766 – 1122 BC), pugs were not only home decoration, but were also used as hunting dogs. However,they were delivered to the place of hunting on special stretchers. (Now it becomes clear where modern pugs have such a craving for sleeping on pillows. The roots are stretching from antiquity).

These rare and inaccessible to ordinary people dogs were cared for and cherished. They enjoyed truly royal honors. They were assigned court titles and were given various decorations and clothes.

During the Han Dynasty (206 – 220 BC), the need to use pugs for hunting disappeared. It required a small dog for games and entertainment, which would fit in the sleeve. During this period, work is underway to reduce the size of the pug to miniature.

Pugs were considered a talisman that brings happiness and wealth. And in the folds on the forehead, resembling hieroglyphs, the ancients saw a certain divine meaning. The Chinese monarchs protected the pugs so much that taking them out of the country was considered a mortal sin.

And yet, when in the XVIth China established trade relations with European countries, pugs saw the world.

Having got to Holland, and then to England, these funny dogs quickly gained popularity around the world. It was in England that the pug finally formed as a breed that has survived to this day.

About him, beloved…

A pug is not even a dog. Alien creature. (I think the pug owners will agree with me.)

Judge for yourself:

A muzzle rich in facial expressions was taken from a monkey. Oh, and they know how to make faces! In general, all the emotions are in the face. Everything is clear without words.

From a cat tribe – the ability to jump. A fat pug dog easily jumps onto your lap or sofa. Sometimes cat-like pugs lick their paws. To get a toy from under the sofa is not a problem.

And at the same time, he remains a dog. Moreover, he does not consider himself a small dog. Not afraid of dogs larger than himself. Brave and bold.

By the way, it was thanks to its fearless nature that pugs became official dogs of the Oransky house. There is a reliable story that it was the pug who saved William the Quiet, the king of Holland during the war with Spain. Scratching and barking, a dog named Pompey woke the king just at the moment when the enemy attacked the sleeping camp.The favorite of William I Oransky everywhere accompanied his owner and faithfully guarded him. When the beloved master died, the dog pounced on the people who came to put him in a coffin. Such devotion and dedication, of course, could not go unnoticed.

We can say that a pug is an ideal companion that can become a member of a large family or brighten up the loneliness of an elderly person. A pug is kind, mischievous, eager to always be in the spotlight, but not intrusive. He will be happy to take part in all household chores, whether cleaning the apartment or harvesting vegetables for the winter. And in the evening, comfortably curled up on your lap or imposingly lounging on a pillow, he will watch your favorite TV show with you.

Speaking of an apartment. Small pug dog is the most suitable breed for owners of small apartments. (The height of the dogs at the withers is from 25 to 33 cm., Weight 6 – 8 kg)

This incredibly smart and flexible kid gets along well under one roof with representatives of other breeds. With cats – no problem!

And children – pugs are doted on them!For them, he is an indispensable friend in all their funs.

Pug – a dog that barks a little i.e. for no reason he will not bark. So neither you nor your neighbors will feel any discomfort.

This is an extremely savvy dog ​​that grasps everything on the fly. Trained as if by chance. For a piece of cheese, he is ready to show the wonders of training (almost circus tricks). One of our pugs, for example, learned the Voice command the first time, watching her mother get a piece of meat for this.

As a socially adapted, non-aggressive breed, a pug needs a minimum of commands in order not to cause trouble in the house and on the street. Let the owners of service breeds not take offense at me, but pugs are by no means inferior in intelligence and ingenuity to their pets.

Yes, let you not achieve such purity and coherence in the execution of commands, such as the German Shepherd, but these breeds have different purposes. The pug will easily master the elements of the general training course (OKD), because there is nothing more pleasant than an easily controlled, obedient dog.

One of the pugs of our breeding visits the training site. So, he easily passes an obstacle course (stairs, boom, barrier, tunnel …), and does it for his own pleasure. (The video will come later)

If you have acquired a promising puppy and want to participate in exhibitions it is advisable to look like handling lessons (showing a dog in the ring). Indeed, in order to take a prize and get a good mark from a judge, a favorite must not only look good, but also be able to move correctly in the ring.

If, nevertheless, every time you enter the ring you are very worried (and your condition is passed on to the dog) and cannot properly show your pet, you can use the services of a professional. Handler will show your dog in the best possible way.

As a result, one thing can be said:

Even if you don’t go to a training ground, but confine yourself to home education, so to speak, give your pug as much attention as possible, talk to him (believe me, he understands everything).

What you put in a small lump, then at the exit (per year) and get.

Pug – breed for “lazy people”

The pug’s hairline is short and does not require special care. The pug coat is so nice to the touch that you want to caress it constantly. By the way, it calms the nerves. Try it yourself.

So here. It is enough to go through the pug’s hair every 2 weeks with a special brush, removing dead hair.

You need to bathe a pug no more than 1 time per month. Frequent bathing will do more harm than good. So do not get carried away. All is good, in moderation.

An exception is washing the paws after each walk.

It should be noted that human bathing shampoos are absolutely not suitable, because the acid balance of human and dog skin is different. Ask in the pet shops of your city only high-quality professional shampoos.

It is advisable if in the same pet shop you get special wet wipes for the eyes and drops for daily care. At worst, the discharge that appears in the corners of the eyes in the morning can be wiped with warm boiled water or a decoction of chamomile (not tea leaves).

A few words about the eyes. The pug’s eyes are dark, shiny, spherical, radiating all the tenderness of a pug’s soul.

It should also be remembered that in tall grass or thickets, a pug can damage its large, expressive eyes.

About walks

For proper physical development, daily walks in the fresh air in any weather are necessary. The pug must have well-developed and strong muscles. And without proper training, this cannot be achieved.

In wet, dirty weather or in severe frosts, you can put on a pug jumpsuit.

It should also be remembered that due to the structure of the respiratory apparatus, like all “short-faced” breeds (brachycephalus), pugs do not tolerate heat. Therefore, in the summer it is better to take long walks early in the morning or after sunset.

For example, I do not dare to go anywhere in the summer with a pug in a car without air conditioning.

Speaking of cars. Pugs love to ride and travel. Just leave the car open – and they are already in the seat, ready to go anywhere, if only with their beloved master.

And what? Everyone needs new experiences.

About Feeding

Pugs are unpretentious in food and are not averse to eating anything from the master’s table. Ah, how hard it is to bear this begging look of a cat from the famous Shrek cartoon!

But let’s put our hand on the heart, and which of us does not like to eat tasty food ?! But we can, by force of our will, restrain ourselves from excessive gluttony, a pug of persuasion like: “if you get fat, you become big and ugly” are alien. He already considers himself the most beautiful. Aren’t you ?!

But “piecemeal” (this is what we call small handouts from the table), as a rule, brings nothing good. A couple of pieces of “not a dog’s diet” can lead to digestive upset, and prolonged uncontrolled feeding can completely lead to metabolic disorders and obesity.

Remember: a dog is not a pig. And feeding her leftovers from the master’s table is unacceptable.

A clear answer to the question of which is better: ready-made dry food or natural food does not exist.

If you choose dry food, choose only high-quality expensive food (super premium – class), according to the age and condition of your dog. The most common Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, Acana, Edvans, etc.

Do not believe advertisements about economy-class fine feeds. Cheap is never good. Do not save on the health of your pet. Believe me, trips to the veterinary clinic will cost you much more.

Many people prefer to feed the dogs with their own cooked natural food. If you chose this option – balance the diet according to general recommendations + vitamins.

Therefore, before you get a dog, think about whether you can (I mean financially) provide her with a good, healthy diet.

It should be noted that dogs of this breed are prone to overeating and gaining excess weight. So keep an eye on the condition of your pet.

Pugs do not tolerate loneliness and lack of communication. If you are at work all day and you have very little free time, definitely, a pug is not your breed. There are many other dog breeds that do not need so much close contact with the owner. Pug is probably the only breed very human-centered.

A little pug dog is your shadow, your tail. Where are you – there he is. For him, the master is the center of the universe. After him, he is ready for fire and water. Therefore, think 100 times before you get this sensitive and affectionate creature.

A few words about colors

Pugs come in two colors – beige and black.

  1. Beige color: can be of 2 types:
  • Silver-deer (“glitter of the moon”) is a pure deer cold color.
  • Apricot-deer (warm, sand) – from cream to golden.

Very bright elegant color. In both cases, the color should be clean. The face mask, ears and moles should be black. A dark strip (“belt”) should pass along the back. Moreover, the purer and lighter the main tone of the color, the less the “belt” is expressed.

A pug of a light color should not have a dirty gray coating, a kind of “darkened” color. Unfortunately, I had to meet pugs of such an incomprehensible mouse color not only on the street, but also at exhibitions.

  1. Black color (pitch black) should be evenly colored, without impurities of other colors. The pug should not have a brown shade.
    A small white mark on the chest is allowed, but ideally, the black pug should be completely black.

Today, black color is more rare and difficult to breed.

The good news is that there are more black pugs, and quite high-quality and standard breed.

Often, having a beige pug, people lead into a pair – black, (for contrast) and vice versa. After all, as you know, there are not many pugs!

Ask the owner of the dog of this breed: “What could be better than a pug?”, And you will probably hear: “Two pugs!”

Puppy selection

Choosing a puppy is no less important than choosing a life partner. Despite its amusement, a pug is not a living toy, but a friend for many years.

Acquiring a dog should not be a momentary desire. This is a very serious step, which must be carefully thought out and balanced. This step is comparable to the adoption of a child.

Know: a pug is a child who will never grow up!

And how pleasant and comfortable your coexistence of long 10-14 years will be with him (namely, such an average pug life expectancy) is influenced by 2 factors:

  1. The right breed choice. Does the pug match your inner self? (a pug is not just a breed, it is a state of mind!) Does the pug fit your style and lifestyle?
  2. The choice of the breeder (that’s how lucky). After all, it was the breeder who planned the mating. And no less important is how competently he approached this issue. It was on his conscience that the quality of the maintenance, feeding, and veterinary care of his dogs. But, as you know, the baby’s immunity is laid back in the womb.

A real breeder, not a “divorcee,” for whom “out of hand – out of mind”, will become your mentor and will help throughout the life of the dog. After all, at first you will have a sea of ​​questions on feeding, care and much more.

He will rejoice at your successes, and upset at your failures. And even after many years, he may not remember what your name is (if you do not communicate closely), but he will remember the puppy without fail, as soon as you name his nickname. After all, he remembers him as yet a helpless lump that fits in the palm of his hand.

Believe me, with each puppy you give back a piece of your heart. No matter how arrogant it may sound.

Having affirmed your desire to acquire a pug puppy, you need to decide which class of dog you need.

  • A pet class is just a pet, not for show careers and tribal work. Such a puppy has some exterior flaws, however, in no way affecting its health. As a rule, a pet puppy is cheaper than more promising brothers and sisters.
  • The breeding class is suitable for breeding. Dogs of this class may well participate in exhibitions and receive positive marks. Breed dogs, when correctly selected, often give birth to future “stars”, because they have good ancestors and come from stable breeding lines.
  • Show classes are dogs that are close to ideal. They shine at exhibitions. The cost of such dogs is the highest.

Do not assume that acquiring a puppy of a show class will give you a 100% guarantee of future victories. Growing puppies may change slightly. (In particular, bite, muzzle volume may change).

Therefore, a less risky option is to acquire a puppy older than 8 months, when you can already see how the dog formed. (However, as practice shows, in well-established nurseries, puppies rarely sit up to this age.)

A breeder who has been dealing with his favorite breed for more than one year, already at 1.5 months of age, can say which puppies show hope for victory in exhibitions.

The key to success will be proper care and education, which you will have to take care of.

No matter what class of puppy you need, when you visit a breeder, you should have a positive opinion about him.

At a conscientious breeder, all dogs should look groomed, happy and pleasant in communication.

Most likely, the mother of the puppies will not look as presentable as in the photo. But after all, she gave the kids too much health, strength and has not yet managed to fully recover physiologically. After weaning from puppies, bitches are usually moulted. But in any case, the mother of the puppies should not look exhausted. It should be clean with a clear look.

The room in which the dogs live must be spacious and clean. A special place for puppies and their mother must certainly be equipped in it.

Little puppies are insanely charming and funny. Why not get confused and make the right choice?

First of all, pay attention to the appearance and activity of the little pug dog:

– A healthy puppy should look strong and plump in appearance. Inquisitive.

– The puppy should stand firmly on its feet. Movement must be free. The kid should not be limp.

– The eyes should be dark, clear, shiny. There should be no discharge in the corners of the eyes and from the nose.

– The nose should be cold and moist. Breathing is free.

– The ears should be clean, without brown discharge, redness and odorless.

– The coat is clean and shiny. No food residue or excrement adhering to it.

– There should not be rashes, scratches or bald spots on the skin.

And there shouldn’t be any fleas! (if there are fleas, most likely there will be worms)

Poor maintenance, feeding puppies, poor general condition, and especially the condition of the coat, and lethargy of the puppy should be a clear reason for refusing to take the puppy from this litter.

Your pity and hope for – “in time will pass by itself, with our care” – guarantee the purchase of a bouquet of problems with the dog’s health, often until the end of her life.

So, we will consider that you were lucky and you got to a decent breeder, in whom all puppies are equally well grown, healthy, have vaccinations necessary for age. And you have already decided what class of puppy you need.

– If you want to buy a future winner of the rings – ask the breeder to help you in choosing.

– If you want just a friend – choose any puppy that you liked.

Gender selection

Another question that torments future owners: who is better to take – a boy or a girl?

The choice of sex, in my opinion, is not significant if you do not intend to use the dog for breeding.

Pugs do not have much difference in the behavior of bitches and males. Males, as a rule, are larger and look more impressive. Bitches are smaller, more flexible and softer in nature.

But then again, everything in this world is relative. There is in the litter a male dog, a most tender creature and a bitch – a leader, a tomboy and a badass.

So it is important to pay attention to the nature of the acquired animal. It’s extremely difficult to navigate in a flock of running tots. Usually pugs are extremely happy with guests and are happy to make contact.

From the outside, they may seem all the same to you. But each of them individually is a person with his own character and inclinations. Therefore, if it is difficult to make a choice yourself – ask the breeder to choose a puppy for you according to your temperament and lifestyle. A responsible breeder will never refuse you this. After all, who else but he knows these kids best of all. After all, it is from his very birth that he has been watching how they eat, sleep and grow, play. But it is in the games that the temperament and character of the dog are most clearly manifested.

When buying a puppy, you get a package of documents for the baby: a puppy card with which you will then go to the club to exchange for a pedigree, a veterinary passport with vaccination marks according to age, a supply of food for the first couple of days and of course recommendations for feeding and raising a pug .
I should mention one more issue – the price.


I won’t discover America if I say that children from champions and import manufacturers are expensive.

Famous foreign kennels will not sell a puppy to a novice at all without recommendations. A good breeder carefully selects owners for his puppies. Puppies for him are like children, this is his work, his knowledge, his contribution to the development of the breed. And the fate of the dogs of his breeding is far from indifferent to him.

I will take the liberty of giving some advice to those who are looking for a “dog for the soul” or, more simply, “on the sofa”, and most of them are. Those who are looking for a dog for exhibitions, first of all pay attention to the exterior, blood, and only then to the price and not the other way around.

Very often I hear in a telephone receiver:

– And we do not need a puppy for exhibitions, but “for ourselves.” We would like cheaper, anyway what, without documents, but only a pug …

– …?

One would like to ask: “I wonder, for whom do I have dogs?”

First of all – “for yourself” beloved! And then everything else. Exhibitions are a personal matter for everyone. And not the fact that tomorrow you will not want to attend this event. Moreover, the exhibition is not so often.

But who is next to you every day – I think it is important.

Will it be a pug-like creature with a bad character ?! Or is it a pug that is admired by others.

Pug, with whom will be every day comfortable and cozy.

Honestly, I didn’t want to write all this at first. I got to speak my mind.


– Do not pursue cheapness. After all, as in the well-known Ukrainian proverb: “Cheap fish is a bad soup.” It is unlikely that from a purchased “cheaper” puppy (miracles do not happen), a true pug described in this article will grow. For example:

Dreamed of this And so it grew

Choosing – choose the best. Price, by the way, is not always an indicator of quality, but it still arises not from scratch. In high-quality litter rearing, it is required to invest a lot of not only effort, but also money.

When I see ads like: “Quality pug puppies are inexpensive …” I get terribly interested: what did you save on? Let them teach how to raise “quality” puppies at minimal cost.

Let it not be the opinion that I urge you to buy insanely expensive puppies. For each breed there are certain price limits. “From” and “to”, (for a bulldog, for example, one, for a pug – others.). So it’s quite possible to buy a good puppy at a reasonable price.

I also want to say:

– Do not buy a puppy in the market. Remember the story of a man with a bear who walked around the market and was looking for the seller who sold him a hamster last year …?! Perhaps the puppy will look like a pug, but what, or rather, who will grow up with it ?!

Most likely, you will get a dog with unstable mentality and serious health problems. No responsible breeder will sell puppies in the market. The health of his babies is too expensive for him. And he would never give them up for sale at a pet store.

Maybe someone will not agree with me. But that’s my personal opinion. As the saying goes: “Forewarned – means armed.”

Good luck in choosing the very one and only ….! I sincerely hope that wonderful moments, days, years of communication with an amazing creature named Pug are waiting for you ahead.

In addition to my personal considerations, the article used literature, I strongly advise to read in the future:

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